Packable Parachute Bag - Assorted

Packable Parachute Bag - Assorted

  • 70-80’s Vintage US Army parachute fabric

  • Water-repellent Taslan nylon fabric on the bottom and shoulder straps
    Packable into a pocket on the lid

  • 1 x Zip pocket on the lid

  • 2 x Side pockets with drawcord closure

  • Padded, breathable contoured shoulder straps

  • Military-grade tubular nylon webbing

  • Multiple loop webbing (a.k.a. daisy chain) for modular hangs and add-ons

  • Seam-sealed inner compartments

14L / 19” x 12” x 7” / 10 oz

Made in the U.S.A.

*** Due to the characteristics of fabric used, shade of fabric may vary from one another and the actual product may look different from what’s shown on the picture. 


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EM’s Packable Parachute Bag is constructed with lightweight vintage parachute nylon cloth alongside mil-spec tubular webbing.  The parachute fabric was once a real parachute, produced for the US Army back in the 70-80s.  The age and source of the hand-cut fabric gives it great character and unique qualities such that no two bags are the same.  In addition, the fabric is extremely light, yet resists tears with great toughness due to its construction.  Drawstring closure and climbing-spec daisy chained webbing (a chain of small loops reinforced with bar tacks) along the face of the bag increase utility and round out the unique climbing-meets-military aesthetic.